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Radiator Services*

To keep your car running smoothly year-round and to protect your engine from overheating, you should have its radiator flushed and refilled with fresh antifreeze/coolant according to your manufacturer's recommended schedule.

Over time, antifreeze/coolant wears out and loses its ability to protect your radiator from corrosion. With improper maintenance, corrosion can build up to the point that your radiator no longer protects the engine from overheating. Replacing the antifreeze/coolant restores protection levels for the entire cooling system.

*Available at participating locations.

Full-Service Oil Change

A full-service oil change from your Valvoline Instant Oil Change center includes up to five quarts of Valvoline® Oil (includes 10 qts for diesel vehicles), a new Valvoline oil filter, vehicle lubrication of chassis components according to manufacturer's specifications and a complete maintenance check. Visit us today to learn more and have your oil checked.

Air Filter Service*

The inside of your car is six times more polluted than the outside air. Couple that with the fact that people usually spend around 21 hours per week in their cars, and a lot of pollution is being breathed in. Luckily, vehicle manufacturers are now equipping cars with cabin air filters.

A cabin air filter, installed at Valvoline Instant Oil Change, can block 99.5% of the pollutants entering your vehicle. The electrostatically charged filter works like a magnet to stop pollen, dust and other airborne contaminants in their tracks. Have yours changed today and breathe more easily.

*Available at participating locations.

Tire Rotation*

Maximizing tire life can be summarized in one word: rotation. Regular rotation improves the ride and handling of your car and most important, gives you maximum tread wear.

Rotating your tires according to manufacturer's recommendations promotes even wear and prolongs their life. We can take care of this for you in only about 10 minutes (for most vehicles), and no appointment is necessary.

*Available at participating locations.

Transmission Services*

Your transmission deserves the same care and attention as other parts of your car. Regular replacement of Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF), according to your manufacturer's recommended schedule, will help extend the life of the transmission, prevent rough shifting, accelerated wear and even transmission failure.

Normal wear from gears grinding causes metal shavings and high heat, which creates debris and deposits. With improper maintenance, metal, debris and deposits build up, causing the fluid to overload, which may result in a transmission failure. Draining the old fluid and replacing it with new fluid improves operation of the transmission.

Your Valvoline Instant Oil Change technician will exchange the transmission fluid, including the fluid in the torque converter, with the proper Valvoline Automatic Transmission Fluid.

*Available at participating locations.

Wiper Blade Replacements*

We'll provide you with quality wipers for your vehicle to keep your view clean and clear.

*Available at participating locations.

Battery Services*

We offer quality parts and service to keep your vehicle running with confidence.

*Available at participating locations.

Fuel System Services*

We provide fuel system services to restore maximum power and performance to your car's engine. These services help to eliminate rough idle, hesitation and knocking, reduce emissions caused by deposits, and restore engine efficiency and fuel economy.
  • Fuel Injector Cleaner — Used every 3,000 miles to clean fuel injectors to reduce knocks and pings.
  • Fuel System Treatment — Once-a-year (or every 12,000 miles) treatment that cleans and protects the fuel system.
  • Entire Fuel System Cleaner Service — Every-36,000-mile, 3-step professional service designed to clean your engine's entire fuel and air intake systems.

*Available at participating locations.

Gearbox Services*

The gearbox transfers power from the engine to the wheels. Normal wear from gears grinding causes metal shavings and high heat, which creates debris and deposits. With improper maintenance, the metal, debris and deposits build up, causing the fluid to overload, which may cause gearbox failure.

Replacing the old contaminated fluid with new fluid improves operation and extends the life of your gearbox.

The gearbox service consists of draining and refilling the gearbox with the proper fluid. Depending on your vehicle type, you may have up to 4 of these units—front differential, rear differential, transfer case, manual transmission/transaxle.

*Available at participating locations.

Serpentine Belt Service*

The serpentine belt uses your engine's power to run a number of other systems, including the alternator, power steering, and air conditioner. Serpentine belts dry out over time and start to crack. It's important to have it inspected regularly and replaced according to your manufacturer's recommended schedule. Replacing the belt helps protect you from breakdown.

As part of the complete maintenance check you receive with every full-service oil change, we visually inspect your car's serpentine belt. If it has more than three cracks per inch in the ribbed section of the belt, and/or cracks that penetrate more than halfway through the thickness of the belt, it should be replaced.

Still, the serpentine belt's appearance doesn't always reveal whether it's on the verge of failure. Be sure to have it replaced on schedule—no matter how it looks.

*Available at participating locations.

Air Conditioning Service*

Keep cool all summer long by having your A/C checked before you hit the road. Without your air conditioner, even the shortest trip can be a long, uncomfortable haul. Remember that an air conditioner failure could cost you more than just your cool.

Our SuperProTM 10 certified technicians will inspect your air conditioning and make sure your A/C system is fully charged with refrigerant. It's the best way to get your summer off to a cool start.

*Available at participating locations.